Elementary School
Grades K-5

The elementary school years are a time of rapid growth. Students develop a wide range of skills, including physical, social, emotional, language and literacy, and thinking skills. They strengthen basic skills and progress to higher-level thinking in literacy, math, science and social studies.

As students progress through their elementary years, they undergo a cognitive change. Our teachers foster this change by moving students from learning to read to reading to learn. Through Letterland and Wonders Curriculum students work to improve their fluency and comprehension. They are challenged to write more complex stories, essays, and have a deeper understanding of grammar skills that will improve their writing style.

Our elementary students build on their understanding of basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, and place value. These foundational concepts help them to expand their knowledge to multiplication, division and fractions. Teachers are guided by the enVision math program which offers highly engaging activities and higher order thinking skills.

An elementary student’s awareness of the world around them expands with every elementary grade. Our teachers begin in early elementary grades introducing the principles of school, community, and their value in the world. Students begin to make connections with their role in the community as a good citizen. Our upper elementary teachers build on this awareness and guide them in understanding the structure and function of governments, geography, and history.

A student’s love of discovery blossoms throughout the elementary years. Our teachers encourage the students to dig deeper into the concepts of earth science, life science, and physical science. Students apply science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics using real-life applications.

In order to expose students to a well-rounded education, they study art, physical education and keyboarding.

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